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Season 1 of the podcast is an audible version of my memoir, ”Hidden Identity.”

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Sunday May 12, 2024

I was excited to spend time with Kristi on Mother's Day discussing our shared experiences surrounding our narcissistic adoptive mothers.  We cover how the adoption industry is a breeding ground for narcissism, how a therapist helped Kristi understand narcissism, going No Contact with her enmeshing narcissistic adoptive mother, and what modalities of healing have helped her heal and cope with what she refers to as a "life sentence." Disclaimer:  Only a qualified mental health professional can diagnose Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  This podcast and the series related to narcissism is based on the adopted adult determining that his/her parent has a narcissistic personality style.  It is understood that not all adoptive parents are narcissistic, or even that most are. Comments for Kristi or Lynn can be sent to Writing process Dr. Ramani’s new book, “It’s Not You!”
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Saturday May 11, 2024

Having a narcissistic family system and being adopted is a double whammy. Double whammy: a twofold blow or setback Photo: my daughter and me Book recommendation:
Beat Your Genes Episode that discusses Behavior Genetics, the twin and adoption studies and Three Identical Strangers:
Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are:

Friday May 10, 2024

Ideas for low contact with your narcissistic adoptive mother.
Lynn's blog mentioned in episode:

Thursday May 09, 2024

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Introduction to a new series I am discussing on Narcissistic Adoptive Mothers.
Book recommendation: “It’s Not You!”

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

ASAC conference:
Untangling Our Roots:
Operation Fog Lift:
Relinquished book:
Adoption Unfiltered book:
The Last Daughter movie trailer:
The Last Daughter book:
Black Cake (Hulu) trailer:
Lifemark movie:
Little Bird (Amazon Prime):
Simon Benn Facebook Poll:
Conceiving Christian America (Embryo Adoption):
Intro podcast with Ande at The Adoption Files:
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Friday Nov 03, 2023

*Adoptee Tik Tok
*Legislative Summit 2023 in Indianapolis
* Concerned United Birth Parents retreat 2023
*Celia Center adoption conference Nov 10, 11 2023
*Adoptee Rights 101
*Real ID complications (and passport update!)
*Adoptee Remembrance Day- 11/30/23 
*National Adoption Awareness Month
Show Notes:
NAAP Adoption Happy Hour:
Preorder the book: "Relinquished:  The Politics of Adoption and the Privilege of American Motherhood."
Celia Center adoption conference:
Real ID Debaucle:
Adoptee Remembrance Day Virtual Candlelight Vigil (10/30/23)

Saturday Jun 17, 2023

Learn about the nonprofit that was started by first mothers who are helping other women not have to go through what they did when they lost their children to an un-regulated adoption industry.
Correction:  Lisa Woolsey (I said her name wrong on the podcast) gave the training that I attended.
Learn about the Board of Directors of SOS here:
Family Preservation Project (Where Moms and Resources Meet):

Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

Pressure on UK government for formal apology re forced adoption:
Adoption Trends (why a decline in adoption?)
Intersection of coercive control, the troubled teen industry (TTI) and adoption.  More on TTI here:
H.R. 1475 - Hospital Adoption Education Act:
NAAP Happy hour replay of Friday 6.2.23 Zoom presentation of "All You Have is Love":
Trailer of the documentary here (pledge a donation!):

Sunday May 28, 2023

Our personal kinship adoption experience and subsequent open adoption; When God Calls you to adopt; risks of unlicensed adoption brokers; the Kamiya Mobley story (kidnapped child learns she is not the biological daughter of her "adoptive" mom when she is 18 years old).
Show Notes:
Risks of Unlicensed Adoption Brokers in Private Adoption:
When God Calls You to Adopt (by The Real Adoptee Moxie)
The Kamiyah Mobley story:
Link to my blog:

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